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You Want to Build or Grow a Native Advertising Brand Studio, But Where Do You Start?

With a two-day on-site Masterclass for media companies, focusing on building a profitable brand studio, we’ll give you the insights and tools to create your very own game plan for building a Native Advertising Powerhouse or growing an existing one.

We will teach you how to develop a range of products your market will love, and how to produce and sell them, and, ultimately, help you accelerate your process for growing your revenue with native advertising.

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How Does a Native Advertising Powerhouse On-site Masterclass Work?

A Great Opportunity for Media Companies

By 2021, 35% of media companies’ overall ad revenue will come from native advertising. This industry percentage represents a huge opportunity for media companies. This is why the time is now if you want to build a native advertising powerhouse, accelerate your process of building a studio, become a market leader.

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A masterclass on how to build a native advertising powerhouse is right for you if:

IMG_0151 Cropped (1)Your leadership understands the potential and value in having an in house team dedicated to native advertising or even a full-scale studio.
IMG_9279 CroppedYour annual revenue is €5M+ and you know that you can grow your business by adding native advertising products and services.
IMG_0457 CroppedYou have an assigned agency lead to take the in-house team from 0 to 100% informed launch-pad for building a sustainable business model for native advertising.

During the Masterclass, You’ll Learn how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of stakeholder management in a native advertising context: develop your business model and secure buy-in from the right people internally.
  • Decide on a business model that fits your current organisational set-up.
  • Create a lean brand studio structure and set the right team from the get-go.
  • Develop a relevant native advertising portfolio: products, services, pricing and code of conduct.
  • Design your native advertising products and services so they align with your media channel(s).
  • Create a KPI framework to measure and report on the effect of your products and services and prove ROI for your customers.
  • Adopt the right tech stack framework for audit, development, reporting, and audience development.
  • Collaborate with 3rd party agencies on native advertising campaigns
  • Develop creative ideas and campaigns that hit the client’s targets.
  • Educate your market, create a demand, and raise the number and size of orders for native advertising products and service

What You Get with Your Masterclass:

  • Two-day on-site Masterclass
  • Access to Worksheets incl. Frameworks, checklists, and business model material
  • Two-hour follow-up Skype call
  • Two conference-only tickets for the Native Advertising DAYS 2019 in Berlin

Meet Jesper Laursen and Stine Holmgaard, Your Native Advertising Powerhouse Trainers

Jesper Laursen

Jesper Laursen, CEO and founder, The Native Advertising Institute

The Native Advertising Institute is founded by Jesper Laursen, who is also the founder and CEO of the journalistic production company, Media Movers, and Brand Movers, a content marketing agency operating in eight countries. Jesper is a renowned content marketing and native advertising advisor and international keynote speaker.


Stine Holmgaard, COO and partner, The Native Advertising Institute

Stine Holmgaard is the operational manager at NAI. She’s the architect behind NAI’s event- and awards activities and she spearheads stakeholder management and communication at the NAI on a daily basis.
It’s safe to say that Stine is one of the best connected people in the industry and, with that, a great resource to consult when it comes to global industry insights.

How Much Will Your On-site Masterclass Cost?

Typically, a native advertising onsite masterclass runs in the range of €10K and they go up to a €15K for a two-day masterclass. But the cost of your masterclass will depend on a variety of factors, including the length of masterclass and travel costs.

According to our benchmark study, an average native advertising campaign is typically sold for €30,0000. This masterclass will fast-forward your growth by several months and you will win back your investment in no-time.

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