Download Native Advertising Trending 2015 – Denmark

What is the position of native advertising in Denmark?

The Native Advertising Institute has conducted the first report on the state of native advertising in Denmark ever. We have asked brands and advertisers, agencies, and publishers how they use native advertising, and to what extent they plan to invest and rely on native advertising, in the near future. 1815835-0-nat2015dk-3dcover

In ‘Native Advertising Trending 2015 – Denmark’ you get insights to all the vital aspects of native advertising in Denmark including:

  • How familiar are Danish brands and advertisers, agencies and publishers with native advertising?
  • How much of their advertising budget do brands and advertisers spend on native advertising?
  • How much do brands and advertisers expect their spendings on native advertising to increase in one year’s time?
  • How much of their revenue do publishers and agencies earn from native advertising?
  • What types of native advertising do brands and advertisers, agencies and publishers consider to be the most effective?
  • And much more…

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